Here’s the deal:

I found God, lost my daughter,

and got so depressed that I needed medication.

I’m still taking it. In fact, this book is powered by

pills … and coffee … and prayer.




An unflinching account of one man's journey from outspoken sceptic to born again believer, expectant parent to bereaved father, and depressive-in-denial to mental health advocate.

Nic Mackay writes with a unique mix of authenticity, authority, humour and humility – unafraid to ask the hard questions and offer imperfect answers.

At a time when the Church and Christians are seen by many as self-serving and out of touch, and the prevalence of mental illness – particularly among men – is at record levels, this book is sorely needed. In it, Mackay shares personal lessons on everything from faith in politics to marital infidelity, and invites us to embrace the love, power and complexity of a God who cannot be defined by black and white.

Thought provoking, confronting, and highly entertaining. Faith, Death & Pills will draw you in from the opening page, leaving you challenged, encouraged and filled with hope.